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23 Sex Tips to ROCK Your Honey’s World Like Never Before

Couple Under Sheets

No matter how hot and sexy a couple is, there will always come a time when things don’t seem to be as fiery as they once were. With the information that I give you here, you have a chance to be proactive and not allow that to happen to you. Sex in the beginning of a relationship, as most of us know, can be very exciting and pleasurable. The chemicals that are dispelled during this time are down right intoxicating but, over time, some couples [rightly] fear that they will never get there again. Luckily, with the right skills and an open attitude, your sex and love life can blow your mind like never before. Following my expert tips, you can have your honey experiencing you on a WHOLE new level that will have them chasing you around like a little love-sick puppy.
Not many couples can achieve what it takes to reach this ultimate sexual bliss, but you can start by committing to making your sex life a priority and utilizing some (if not all) of this lil list of sex tips:

Remember that foreplay isn’t just what happens right before sex, it’s a way of treating the person you love. How can you treat your partner better? What can you do TONIGHT to make that happen? Start it in the morning when you wake up and keep it going all day long.

  1. Put a dot of your perfume on a little spot on his shirt so he can smell your invigorating scent all day.
  2. Look at each other naked (one at a time) complimenting each other.
  3. Use a blue light to prolong orgasm
  4. Partake in mutual masturbation
  5. Men: make sure you shave your face before kissing passionately.
  6. Practice different kissing styles.
  7. Find each others’ erogenous zones (I can teach you how!)
  8. Write a list of your wildest fantasies, switch lists and commit to doing at least 2-3. This is a great way to be intimate and show your partner you trust them
  9. Write down sexy things you’d like to hear your partner say during lovemaking, switch lists and commit to saying at least 3-5 things.
  10. Start-stop technique: Build up the pleasure… then take it away… whisper sexy things while caressing your partners body, then resume pleasure.
  11. Play sex games… for example: every time one of you says a certain word, you have to make out or give the other a sensual massage.
  12. Tip for “The One-Hour Orgasm”: Make your love making experience multi-sensory.
  13. Tell each other a sexy story, then play it out.
  14. Use feathers or long hair to tease your lovers’ body.
  15. Timing is everything! Make sure your partner is feeling good and sexy before attempting lovemaking.
  16. Make and give your partner a “free sex coupon” redeemable anytime they want.
  17. Use sexting to flirt with your partner throughout the day (be sure to erase the texts just in case there’s a snoop in your life!)
  18. Dress as each others fantasy lover and stay in character during lovemaking.
  19. A lot of experts say that married couples looking to get the lovemaking back should plan for sex, I say, plan for spontaneity!!
  20. Shop for a pleasure toy together—either at a store or online.
  21. Shop for sexy lingerie and do a in-store fashion show for your lover.
  22. Shave each other.
  23. Wake up every day and ask yourself, “How can I give my spouse pleasure today”?

When it comes to long-term relationships (ltr), whatever is just going to happen in your lovemaking has already happened. If you’re looking to add more sex in to your ltr, make-out, touch, fool around and forget about everything else apart from your spouse and how amazing he/she can make you feel… even if you’re not in the mood at first… after a few minutes of teasing and playing, you will start to feel the heat.