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Wishing Your Guy Was More Romantic?

Cory2 (1)Are you a woman who got “stuck” with the guy who just isn’t romantic? Let me say: it totally sucks when your guy doesn’t get romantic with you.

You’re  tired of coworkers getting flowers delivered to the office or your friends bragging about how their guy cooked them a romantic dinner.

Here’s how you can inspire him to be romantic with you:

1. Be the change you want to see. If you want flowers, get him flowers (or a nice bamboo plant). If you want a meaningful sentimental gift, give him a gift. If you want more ambiance to get in the mood for lovemaking, you know where the candles are!
2. Be the best YOU you can be. Do things that make you happy. When you’re happy, he will be happy and it will inspire him to want to be part of that happiness.
3. Get creative. Make it a point to do at least one thing a day to make him feel like a man. For example, let him teach you something or ask him a question about a hobby you know he is passionate about.
4. Use your words. Too many couples don’t talk enough or ask for what they want. Now, I’m not saying to wait until you’re so freakin’ pissed that you end up screaming at him telling him what an unromantic loser he is. I’m coaching you to tell him in a loving way how lucky you feel to be with him and how much you love being close to him. Next, be specific about what you think is romantic (believe me.. you’d be surprised just how intimate a talk about romance can be at the right time and the right place.)

Last but not least

5.  Have patience. Don’t expect that in a week or two, you’ll be in romantic bliss. Things take time to implement when you’re attempting to change behavior. Have a positive attitude and avoid saying things like, “I’ve tried that and it won’t work” or “Ugh… how long do I have to do this before I get a damn rose?”

Treating the person you love in the ways above should become a way of life for you. Start forming habits that bring you closer and inspire him to want to give you everything your little heart desires…. He’ll catch on! You picked him for a reason after all. :)

If you have a story about your relationship that you think could help others… comment below! Let’s girl talk….