Cory recommends a number of products to enhance your love life and relationship. Here are a few of her favorites.

Pink Cherry Pleasure Toys

With over 11,000 sex toy products, PinkCherry Sex Toys is the one of the largest sex toy retailers in the World. PinkCherry is my favorite because they carry both classics and exciting new toys from leading, high-end manufacturers. They have thousands of products to choose from, so you may wonder how to pick the right one. They make it easy with product recommendations by leading sex therapists Sue Johanson and honest ratings from real customers. Get exactly what you want, at the lowest price, delivered to your door quick with PinkCherry Sex Toys.

I personally recommend the Pocket Rocket and WeVibe.

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500 Tips To Have More Amazing Sex In Your Relationship… Starting Tonight!

Created by Michael Webb, Oprah’s Love Guru, you’ll learn:

• The biggest lovemaking mistakes

• How to invigorate each other to make love

• Fun sex games

• Secrets to give each other more pleasure

• How to make sex more intimate and meaningful

• The complete guide to safe sex

• And much more…

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Oxytocin Factor

Oxytocin Factor is a supplement that my clients crave – and continuously ask me for! Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that helps couples to create more intimacy — naturally!

This supplement simulates the effects of the naturally occurring hormone oxytocin. The role of oxytocin in our body is to modulate the stress hormones, like a soothing mother calming a crying infant. Due to the overwhelming stress we experience, our body’s natural system for combating stress is over worked and fatigued. Stress is stealing our joy and our health. Oxytocin Factor is designed provide your body with the additional oxytocin boost it needs, and to support your body’s own natural oxytocin production.

How can Oxytocin transform your life?

• Experience increased well-being: smile, laugh, feel again

• Improved sleep

• Reduced stress

• Wake up feeling excited about the day. No more dread and worry

• Achieve intimacy again

• Boost your natural production of the “love hormone”

• Defuse controlling habits that jeopardize loving relationships

• Gain a greater sense of trust for others

• Reduce general anxiety

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Marriage Sherpa Programs

Marriage Sherpa is the most successful marriage and relationship program in the business. The secret to their success is built upon developing high-quality, marriage-saving programs from Certified Marriage Therapists combined with professional relationship-building marketing strategies.

The programs are designed to help it’s students:

• Survive an affair

• Restore the honesty

• Learn to forgive

• Restore the Love

• Stop a divorce

• Rebuild communication

• Spark the romance

Love Scents:

Studies have proven that pheromones influence members of the opposite sex and can help you:

• Build confidence and change people’s perceptions of you.

• Attract that special someone or improve your current relationship.

• Feel more at ease in social situations.

These pheromone products are perfect for monogamous couples who want to add something new to their love life!