The Date Agent

You may have a travel agent, an insurance agent or maybe a talent agent, but if you’re single and tired of wasting money and time trying to meet someone or you’d like to break old destructive patterns, then I would like to introduce you to your own personal Date Agent and Love Coach!

How It Works

  • First, you will be pre-screened to confirm that you are ready for the Date Agent experience. Some clients elect to schedule some coaching sessions prior to their time out with their agent so they may fully benefit.
  • Then, your agent will ask you a series of questions that will help you both determine your desired date profile (ddp).
  • Next, you and your agent will go out “in the field” together and try your hand at interacting with men/women whom you would consider a “5 or 6” based on your ddp (using them as practice to get you ready for when you spot your ultimate “9s and 10s”!)
  • Last, you will be asked to choose the top people that you would like to meet. Then, in true double agent style, your agent will go about her mission possible, inviting them to come and talk with you (one at a time of course) and help in facilitating a smooth conversation. If the chemistry seems right, and you give the sign that you are comfortable, your agent will “disappear” and let you take it from there!

For a Free 30 minute consultation or Coaching for singles email your agent at