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What’s the New Normal in Monogamy?

Hey fans!

I wanted you to take a peek at this rockin’ reel that my team put together to tell you all about Modern Monogamy – and what it means for YOU. In addition to some snippets from major network TV shows, I’ve even weaved in a sneak peak of my up-and-coming Modern Monogamy online TV show. I have TEN secrets to keeping it spicy in the sack with your partner and I’m going to share with you one major one.

There’s no drama or fluff, I am just giving you the simple truths! Watch, learn, get inspired and take action. Why am I sharing all of these intimate secrets with you, compiled easily into one video? It’s because I KNOW you deserve a relationship you love.


So tell me, in the comments below, your thoughts about the tip – will you use it? Have you already tried it? What is happening in YOUR relationship? What do YOU want me to talk about? Don’t forget, I’m here for you and I’m on your side.

Here’s to you and your HOT Modern Monogamy.

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34 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Guarantee A Closer, Intimate Relationship With Your Guy


  1. Follow through with something you said you would do, but never did.
  2. Show him exactly how to please you.
  3. Initiate a talk about painful or pleasurable memories of people and situations from your childhood together
  4. When you feel anger towards him, take a step back for 5 minutes. Look first at yourself and what you may have contributed to the anger.
  5. Be conscious of your self-talk after an argument (guess what? We can convince ourselves of almost anything when we’re angry!).
  6. Acknowledge and challenge your limiting beliefs about the way you feel about him.
  7. Do NOT talk to your friends or family in a negative way about your relationship issues.
  8. Learn Tantra ASAP.
  9. Feed him the last bite of that yummy dessert.
  10. Pay attention to the little things he likes- like his favorite candy or beverage. Surprise him with them occasionally.
  11. Defend him if someone says something negative about him.
  12. Focus on the things you love about him and who he really is instead of wishing he did “this” or had “that”.
  13.  Be sure to welcome him home enthusiastically and warmly with affection.
  14. Cater to his inner-child within every once in a while (but avoid being Mommy… that’s just a turn off).
  15. Talk about things that interest him, like his favorite team or TV show.
  16. Support his goals and dreams by encouraging him to talk about them more.
  17. Let him retreat to his man cave.
  18. Control your emotions, don’t let them control you.
  19. Surprise him with special thoughtful gifts from time to time.
  20. Forgive.
  21. Make him feel like a man.
  22. Be trustworthy.
  23. Have discretion about private affairs.
  24. Show commitment by being consistent with your words and actions.
  25. Be transparent.
  26. Respect and take care of his belongings.
  27. Support his relationships with his friends and family.
  28. Be his shoulder to lean on.
  29. Find out what drew him to you, and don’t ever lose it!
  30. Be creative and switch things up between the sheets.
  31. Always take care of your personal hygiene.
  32. Giving him your full, undivided attention when he’s speaking.
  33. Be a seductress at least once a week (even if you don’t feel like it at first.)
  34. Display just the right amount of jealousy, but NEVER go overboard.

What will you do this week to start getting closer to your guy? Let us know!

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