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Marriage…. Let’s Be Realistic

marriage be realisticTo engage in realistic love is to be in a relationship where both parties understand what they want – from themselves and from each other. This positive psychology can build a relationship based on real connection. The problem, however, is that most of us don’t know what the hell we want. I see it often with my clients in my private practice, so I know it firsthand.


So, here’s the key: first get to know what you want before getting seriously involved with someone else. This is emotional evolution. And it will lead to relational evolution.


Most married couples have never asked themselves that question. If you were to ask yourself that, what would be your answer? Share with me here!

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Are You Joining Me in the War?

There’s one key to a successful marriage: Being able to know what we want, and to then be able to communicate it to our partner.


You must find a way to be together that brings out the best in both of you. In this way, the relationship becomes strength-based. In this way, you ultimately become responsible for creating your partnership, and for rediscovering the intimacy and romance. It is communication on a deeply emotional level. And you must understand that whether you are doing something or nothing, you are always communicating something. Every minute of every day, you and your partner are either getting closer to one another, or further apart. You must recognize the different forms of communication: verbal, physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and cognitive.


Mixed race couple hugging in sidewalk cafeYour relationship with your significant other has an impact on everything in your life – your health, your financial situation, your relationships with your children, everything, even including the legacy that you leave when you are long gone.


But you can make a difference. You can join this war against divorce with me and other Modern Monogamists.


We can help change the future in a way that transcends our own marriages and our own lives. Through our collective efforts at redefining commitment, we can help make society itself a better place, helping to propel it into the kind of society where, ultimately, people thrive on the most deep and intimate feelings the universe has made available to us. The kind of society where even war is deflected, and love – true love – becomes the new backdrop of civilization.


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Marriage…. We’re Failing MISERABLY

marriage_we're failing miserablySeriously, we’re failing so miserably at marriage. So, let’s change it.


My job as the Modern Monogomist, is in part, to raise awareness about the importance of the commitment we make to the person with whom we choose to take our life journey.


Here’s an interesting fact: thousands of years ago, marriage was a business transaction – a way to protect yourself or a way to perpetuate the species. “Love” never came into play –au contraire. In China, love was seen as a threat; in India, lovers were deemed anti-social; in Africa, love was alienating and in Greece, love was considered a mental illness. Not until the 1500s did marriage become something that was celebrated. Somewhere, along the lines, that all changed. But, we’ve went from one extreme to another. Let me explain.


We are expected to maintain this intense, profound, happily-ever-after for the rest of our natural lives, yet we are left on our own to figure out how to do it successfully.


What if we treated everything in our life like we do marriage?


We would be unprepared; we would be completely unrealistic and irresponsible; we would base everything relating to our lives on an attraction that happens because of chemicals that wear off sooner than we realize. Just like any strong building, marriage needs a strong foundation.


What if marriage came with a better foundation? What if we lived in a world where happily-ever-after was redefined? A world where love – realistic love – ruled the day?


What if?


What do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know. Share on your Facebook page, too!
Stay tuned for Part #2.


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What’s the New Normal in Monogamy?

Hey fans!

I wanted you to take a peek at this rockin’ reel that my team put together to tell you all about Modern Monogamy – and what it means for YOU. In addition to some snippets from major network TV shows, I’ve even weaved in a sneak peak of my up-and-coming Modern Monogamy online TV show. I have TEN secrets to keeping it spicy in the sack with your partner and I’m going to share with you one major one.

There’s no drama or fluff, I am just giving you the simple truths! Watch, learn, get inspired and take action. Why am I sharing all of these intimate secrets with you, compiled easily into one video? It’s because I KNOW you deserve a relationship you love.


So tell me, in the comments below, your thoughts about the tip – will you use it? Have you already tried it? What is happening in YOUR relationship? What do YOU want me to talk about? Don’t forget, I’m here for you and I’m on your side.

Here’s to you and your HOT Modern Monogamy.

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